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Folkestone to Calais and Calais to Folkestone.

About Eurotunnel

Eurotunnel has been transporting people and goods since 1994 through the Channel Tunnel between the United Kingdom and France. The Eurotunnel Group operates a fleet of 25 shuttle trains which carry cars, coaches and trucks. It is a transport system unequalled for speed, reliability and frequency.

Eurotunnel manages the infrastructure of the Channel Tunnel and receives toll revenues from train operating companies whose trains pass through the Tunnel. The British and French governments have granted Eurotunnel a concession to operate the Channel Tunnel until the year 2086.

Eurotunnel maintaines the infrastructure of the Channel Tunnel and operates accompanied truck shuttle and passenger services between Folkestone, UK and Calais/Coquelles, France. Eurotunnel also earns toll revenue from train operators (Eurostar for rail passengers, and EWS and SNCF for rail freight) which use the Tunnel.

Eurotunnel Passenger Information

There are no hidden costs for travelling with Eurotunnel. You pay for your vehicle, irrespective of the number of passengers you are carrying. There are no extra costs for taxes or excess baggage. So you can load up your car with skis, golf equipment, cycles, windsurfers.

All Eurotunnel ask is that you let them know when you book if your car and your equipment are more than 1.85m high, so that they can allocate space for you in the single deck carriages. These carriages are twice as high inside as the double decks so have plenty of room for anything that you can legally and safely put onto your vehicle. There is no extra charge for this.




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